Wednesday, October 27, 2004

experience certificate

First of all, how do potential customers sort out the value of a experience certificate website? That can be difficult given the amount of online clutter. To attract customers, a experience certificate provider has to aggressively market their website. While guerrilla strategies keep costs down, running a promotional campaign, buying ads (either in print or online), and sending out press releases is costly and can add unnecessary dollars to the experience certificate pricing. We believe that the provider listed below has got these factors well and truly balanced.

Second, what kind of experience certificate products do they sell? The answer is critical, because online shoppers are reluctant to buy big ticket items, such as furniture. The exception seems to be computer equipment. What's selling well? Airline tickets, hotels rooms, music CDs, books and software and experience certificate are already familiar. While online experience certificate sales are growing rapidly, it still represents a small percentage of sales in the real world.


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