Wednesday, July 21, 2004

identity certificate

One of the major downsides of chat rooms is that ignorant people may pose as experts. If someone states they are a identity certificate expert then how can this be verified? If you have expertise in the field of identity certificate then you'll be able to verify their credentials. It's a matter of picking the expert from the fake.

Talking of fakes it's sad to see so many identity certificate fakes bombarding email servers with unsolicited spam emails trying to sell identity certificate. Spam is a great threat to how the Internet works. Our website does not contain any email addresses for this reason. If you visit the identity certificate linked site above you will find that they treat your email address with great respect.

Talking online real people who are very knowledgeable about identity certificate can be like attending a real identity certificate convention ... except that there are no airfares or accommodation expenses.


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